Raavad Ratio

Raavad Ratio – 2/8 Strings

String Ratio Rationale

From https://www.tekhelet.com/tying-overview/:

Raavad and the Aruch, based on the Sifre in Shelach hold that one full string (when folded becomes two of the eight strings) must be Tekhelet (Hasagot, Hilchot Tzitzit 1;6)”

More info about this ratio can be found here: https://www.tekhelet.com/tekhelet-tying-faq/

Tying methods used with this ratio

(Note: the GR”A’s string ratio is unclear but due to popularity is included in this list.)

Archeaological Support for Raavad Ratio

Notable Articles


  1. The Sifri pretty much explicitly states Raavad’s shittah;
  2. The Beis Yosef/Kesef Mishnah apparently had an incorrect Girsah of the Raavad and assumed that he had the same opinion as Tosafos;
  3. In absence of a solid mesorah (which obviously no one has in regards to Techeiles), you should use logic to decide the Halacha (instead of Paskening by ethnicity),.


Notable People Wearing this Ratio

Raavad Tying Questions

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