R’ Shalom Arush (Breslov) Tying Method

This tying method is an interesting combination of 7-8-11-13, divided by both knots and Rambam-style Yemenite chulyot. Rather than the first and last winds only being techeiles, the first and last chulyot are winds, and white is used in the event a chulya ends and begins at one of the 5 knots. The final result is pretty awesome!

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How to Tie Like R’ Shalom Arush

The words of “Amitai Breslover” (June 14, 2012) with corrected English spelling and wording consistency:

“I’m sorry that my English is not so well. I earlier received a question about Techeiles, and I want to share the answer with you: “I am looking into the Mitzvath of Techeiles. I feel a strong connection to Breslov since I began reading some of the book authored by R. Arush. Do Breslovers wear Techeiles? If so, what is the custom and way of tying?”

To which I wrote back: “No, we’re working on photographs that shows exactly the common ways of tying. I hope it will be soon in our website.
Today there are two kinds of Techeiles: The Radzin Rebbe’s and the new one. I can’t get into the opinions and who says what and why, but I will write you the Breslev Minhag (custom?).

In Breslev there are groups that wear Techelet and groups that don’t.
Harav Shalom Arush wears and this is the Minhag in our Yeshiva. Of the groups that wear Techeiles, most of them wear the Radziner rebbe’s Techeiles which is cheaper. Harav says that both of them are good and wears both of them, in the last year and a half I make the Rav from mostly the new Techeiles.

You can tie it in the common Ashkenazi or Sefaradi way, but make sure that the first and the last circles are white.

Harav has a special kind of tying that is very common in Breslev. I cannot explain it in words, you must see it.”



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