Tosafot Ratio

Tosafot Ratio – 4/8 Strings

String Ratio Rationale


Tosafot-Rashi Two full strings (when folded becomes four of the eight strings) must be Tekhelet (Menachot 39a and 41b “Bet Shammai”)”

More info about this ratio can be found here:

Tying methods used with this ratio

(Note: the GR”A’s string ratio is unclear but due to popularity is included in this list.)

Notable People Wearing this Ratio

Audio Shiurim

Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz – Ten Minute Halacha – How Many String Should Be Techeiles and How Many White?

Rabbi Yonasan Sacks – Shelach: Tzitzis – Techeiles and Lavan

Archeaological Support for Tosafot Ratio

Tosafot Tying Questions

Tosafot Schachter Tying Questions

Baal HaIttur Separation Diagram

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