Notable Wearers

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  • This page and all derivatives is/are a continued work in progress. Please send a message for any corrections and those will be considered and/or actioned as soon as possible.
  • Just because the below authorities wearing Techeiles are listed doesn’t mean we have contact info on all of them. This is for informational purposes only.
  • Every person in this list save for the ones in the group “Radzyn and Breslov/Radzyn” wear murex trunculus Techeiles unless stated otherwise.


Did the Poskim convince you and you’re ready to purchase Techeiles?

Chief Rabbi Candidates (of Some Capacity)

Mashpiim (Rabbinic Influencers)

Twerski Mishpacha

Chasam Sofer Mishpacha

Roshei Yeshiva

Shul/Pulpit Rabbis

Sepharadim and Mizrachim




Additional Notable Wearers

Founders and Organizers


Radzyn and Breslov/Radzyn

Note: the ones in the group Radzyn and Breslov/Radzyn wear Radzyner strings. Everyone else is wearing Murex Techeiles.

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