Tying Bureau

Below is our unofficial list of people that can tie Techeiles Tzitzis. Please note that Blue Fringes cannot verify the quality or price differences between different people.

***NOTE ABOUT YECHIEL YISROEL BLOYD*** He at one point was listed as a tyer on the website. In the last month he publicly announced that he left Judaism. He therefore has been delisted from the site.

CountryState/ProvinceCityNameEmailTying MethodsWebsite
AustraliaAustraliaMelbourneCaelan Macbethcaelan.macbeth at hotmail dot comAll
CanadaONTorontoRafi Hechtbluefringes613 at gmail dot comAllbluefringes.com
IsraelIsraelBet ShemeshAviad GoldsteinGoldsteinaviad at gmail dot comRambam, ashkenaz
IsraelIsraelJerusalemElisha Mendelsoniliv2bhap at gmail dot comChabad
IsraelIsraelJerusalemRabbi Yehuda LeviRabbiylevi at gmail dot comAll
IsraelIsraelRamat Beit ShemeshShimon Simpsonshimonmds at gmail dot comAll
ישראלישראלקרית יעריםאורי בן יהודהoriby1509@Gmail.comכריכות : אשכנזי/תימני/ספרדי בכל צורה שהיא
USAFLYehuda Naftali Wolfyehudahnaftali at gmail dot comAll
USAILChicagoRabbi Dovid Aroninda72 msn dot comAll
USAMABostonEvan Craneevcrane at gmail dot comAll
USAMABostonNoah Mulgaynoachav at gmail dot comAll But Rambam
USAMABrooklineYosef Simnegaryosef.simnegar at gmail dot comAll
USAMDAnnapolisElchanan Tallotalloandrew97 at gmail dot comAll But Rambam
USANJLakewoodYossi Gluckyossysfarm at gmail dotcomRambam Only
USANYBronxAbbie Jakubovicajakubovic at gmail dotcomStandard Ashkenazi Winds Only (GR"A, Chinuch, 7-8-11-13)
USANYMonseySrooley Harpsrooleyharp at gmail dot comAll But Rambam
USANYMonseyRabbi Aron Steinmetzsteinmetzaron at gmail dot comAll But Rambam
USANYQueensEitan Rosseitanjross at gmail dot comAll
USANY/NJBoro Park/Monsey/LakewoodYidy Fuxmanknotthetzitzit at gmail dot comAll
USAOHClevelandShmuel Yitzchok Eisenberg tzitzis613 at gmail dot comAll

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