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The Torah commands Jews to, in the event one is wearing a four cornered garment, to wear Tzitzit, with includes an essential ingredient: a Psil Techeiles. While the definitions of Psil and Techeiles are open to debate, the general consensus is that it’s a string or strings of biblical blue. This blue color is sourced by a mysterious sea creature called a Chilazon.

The most popular form of Techeiles today is sourced from the murex trunculus snail. This is the main Techeiles that’s being sold on this site.

Blue Fringes is proud to offer these strings exclusively and locally for the first time. No waiting time, competitive prices, and quality service.


We offer unbeatable prices with the convenience of picking up the strings locally. Prices are in CAD.
Murex string sets starting at $54.99. Begadim starting at $18. Tying starting at $25.


Archeology is a funny thing in that a lot of unknowns and skepticism remains, so this isn’t meant to be conclusive evidence. It’s meant to attempt to support historical assertions of Techeiles in Tzitzis though.

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    The History of Sapoon-Soap

    Soap making history goes back around 5000 years. The first recorded archeological evidence of the manufacture of soap-like materials is dated to around 2800 BC in Ancient Babylon. Babylonians had… [...]

    Q: What is the correct way to tie Techeilles? A: Interestingly enough, there is actually no source found in the meforshim, commentaries, to tie techeilles the way we currently tie lavan (regular white tzitzis).… [...]

    Rabbi Shlomo Aviner – Techelet

    Question: What is Ha-Rav’s opinion about wearing Techelet? Answer: We only wear white. This is based on three reasons, each of which is sufficient on its own: 1. One of… [...]

    Modern Techelet

    There is a tradition from Rebbe Nachman of Breslev that right before Moshiach comes, the mitzvah ot the techelet in tzitzit will be reinstated… By: Rabbi Mordechai Kornfeld Publish… [...]

    Argaman and Techelet

    Archaeologists have uncovered numerous ancient dye-producing factories all over the Mediterranean coast, with large heaps of snail shells alongside them… By: Rabbi Mordechai Kornfeld Publish date: 6/4/2009, 22:40 Biblical… [...]

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