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Lavan and Tekhelet According to the Rambam

Lavan and Tekhelet According to the Rambam 150 150 rhecht

Rav Moshe Taragin The first mishna in the fourth perek of Menachot determines that two components of tzitzit operate independent of each other.  Ideally tzitzit should contain both white stands as well as tekhelet strands.  If either cannot be located, the mitzva can still be performed with the lone alternate colored stands.  As the mishna states, the tekhelet and the white strands are not me’akeiv one another; although they ideally complement each other, the absence of one does…

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The Blue Thread

The Blue Thread 150 150 rhecht

Rabbi Gershon Hanoch Leiner 1839-1891 “Speak unto the Children of Israel, and bid them that they make fringes in the corners of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the corners a thread of blue.” (Numbers 15:38) Gershon Hanoch Leiner was thirteen years old and his Bar Mitzvah not…

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Crisis in Blue

Crisis in Blue 150 150 rhecht

by Rav David Bar-Hayim When, as a teenager, my father used to tell me that he did not like me wearing jeans, I usually asked: “Why not? After all, what difference does it make what material the pants are made of?” My father’s reply – referring to the hippie, rock and roll and anti-establishment subculture…

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Hidden Blue

Hidden Blue 150 150 rhecht

In honor of the 100th Yahrzeit of Rabbi Gershon Chanoch Leiner, the Radziner Rebbe, the Modern Catalyst for the Renewed Interest in the Search for the Identity of the Chilazon by Rabbi Leibel Reznick A few years ago, while I was exploring the ruins at the base of the southwestern corner of the Temple Mount,…

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Techelet in the Holy Zohar

Techelet in the Holy Zohar 150 150 rhecht

Techelet in the Holy Zohar Parshat Shelach Lecha (Numbers, chapter 15) The Commandment of Tzitzith (fringes) enables us to remember all the Mitzvoth (Commandments) of the Torah, as it is written “And you shall gaze upon it, and you shall remember all the Commandments of HaShem (G-d) and do them.” This is the sign of…

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Otzar Sichot Tzadikim – Beged Ivri

Otzar Sichot Tzadikim – Beged Ivri 150 150 rhecht

Otzar Sichot Tzadikim Techelet in the Holy Zohar Hidden Blue — in honor of the 100th Yahrzeit of Rabbi Gershon Chanoch Leiner, the Radziner Rebbe Understanding the Criteria for the Chilazon by Dr Mendel E. Singer. Further information can be found at “A third opinion“ Crisis in Blue by Rav David Bar-Hayim   Translated from Otzar Sichot Tzadikim (Treasury of Discussions…

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Sefunei Temunei Chol – DISCOURSE ON: TREASURES HIDDEN IN THE SAND 150 150 rhecht

This is a clarification of the Law concerning the existence of the “Hillazon” even in our time. If we are able to obtain and to dye with it the “Techelet” in order to fulfill the “Mitzvah” of “Tzitzith” completely; so that we may learn to be in awe of G-d through the medium of sight,…

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Rav Nachum Rabinovitch and the Art of Ancient Dyeing

Rav Nachum Rabinovitch and the Art of Ancient Dyeing 470 500 Anonymous User

By Baruch Sterman –November 12, 2020 “The Worst Jobs in History,” a lesser-known but very entertaining BBC series, ran sporadically from 2004 to 2006. Just as it sounds, it was an engaging presentation of some of the truly repulsive career choices made throughout the ages. One of the most highly rated episodes―which suggests that this…

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The Messiah’s Blue-Colored Snail

The Messiah’s Blue-Colored Snail 870 472 Anonymous User

Jan. 17, 2014 by Diana Bacharach Nir A snail is pictured from the Ptil Tekhelet, a small factory at the entrance to the Kfar Adumim settlement in the Judean hills, Israel. Photo by After a thousand-year mystery, raging passions, countless research and one snail who will supposedly help the Jews finally fulfill the commandment…

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Millennia of Murex

Millennia of Murex 300 241 Anonymous User

Among the more unlikely “marriages” arranged by human ingenuity is the one between the Chinese domesticated silk moth, Bombyx mori, and the Mediterranean sea snails of the Muricidae, or murex, family. The sea snails produce a pigment that, when brought together with silk, led to the world’s longest-lasting fashion statement. Written by Philippa Scott G.…

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