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I asked him what led him to Techeiles. He responded that, when he was a Messianic, the blue string was a given. When he converted to Judaism, he initially wore white strings to look normal, but then switched to Techeiles tied in the Breslov traditions. ~RH

From Wikipedia:

Nissim Baruch Black (born Damian Jamohl Black; December 9, 1986) is an American-Israeli rapper and producer from Seattle, Washington. Originally performing under the name D. Black, he released two albums, The Cause and Effect (2006) and Ali’yah (2009), and was featured on producer Jake One‘s debut album White Van Music (2008). He retired in 2011 to focus on his conversion to Orthodox Judaism, but returned in 2012 under his Hebrew name, Nissim Black, and began writing from a more religious standpoint. Nissim and his wife made Aliyah to Israel in 2016 and live in Beit Shemesh with their six children. He appeared on the Shtar song “Rabbit Hole” from their album Boss EP, released in 2012. In 2013, he released a mixtape, Miracle Music, followed by his debut album, self-titled Nissim. In March 2017, he released his second album Lemala. A third album, Gibor, was released in 2019.

Tying Method

MethodString RatioURL
R' Shalom ArushRaavadLink


MinhagMinhag SubGroupFully or Partially?


Love Notes (Mixtape)Marom EntertainmentLink
Only OneMarom EntertainmentLink
Hold OnMarom EntertainmentLink
TearsMarom EntertainmentLink
HonestMarom EntertainmentLink
Real YouLittleBox RecordsLink
Fly AwayLittleBox RecordsLink
Love LetterMarom EntertainmentLink
GiborMarom EntertainmentLink
Hashem Melech 2.0LittleBox RecordsLink
LemalaLittleBox RecordsLink
The Hava SongMarom EntertainmentLink
Mothaland BounceMarom EntertainmentLink
SmileMarom EntertainmentLink
Lean on YouMarom EntertainmentLink
WinMarom EntertainmentLink
NissimNissim WorldLink
RerunMarom EntertainmentLink
All BlackMarom EntertainmentLink
King of the WorldNissim WorldLink
Let it GoMarom EntertainmentLink
A Million YearsMarom EntertainmentLink
WingsMarom EntertainmentLink
Peace in the WorldMobile1 MusicLink
Od YishamaLittleBox RecordsLink
A Million Years (Olturix Remix)Marom EntertainmentLink
Yerushalayim (Single)Nissim WorldLink
MercyNissim WorldLink
My FireLittleBox RecordsLink
Fly AwayLittleBox RecordsLink

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