Ari Goldwag

Ari Goldwag 1296 729 rhecht

Rabbi Yehuda Levi told me he tied for him.

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Yosef Karduner

Yosef Karduner 1280 960 rhecht

Famous Israeli Chassidic singer and musician. From Wikipedia: “Yosef Karduner (Hebrew: יוסף קרדונר, born 1969) is an Israeli Hasidic singer, songwriter, and composer. His biggest hit,[1] Shir LaMaalot (Psalm 121), appeared on his debut album, Road Marks (2000).”

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Naftali Kempeh

Naftali Kempeh 535 640 rhecht

Jewish singer.

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Beri Weber

Beri Weber 930 1021 rhecht

Famous Chassidic singer. Also runs a wonderful school for teens who otherwise would “fall through the cracks.”

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Matt Levin

Matt Levin 720 960 rhecht

From the Facebook Page: “Matt & Tzvi Levin. Two brothers who quit their day jobs to follow a dream. A dream and journey. How humbled and blessed we are by the authentic experience of passion. Passion & drive. To deliver & capture a moment. The moment? Your occasion. Moments are to treasure. The song and…

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Nissim Black

Nissim Black 1090 1079 rhecht

I asked him what led him to Techeiles. He responded that, when he was a Messianic, the blue string was a given. When he converted to Judaism, he initially wore white strings to look normal, but then switched to Techeiles tied in the Breslov traditions. ~RH From Wikipedia: Nissim Baruch Black (born Damian Jamohl Black; December 9,…

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