Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski ZT”L

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R’ Twerski tied like Ptil Tekhelet’s Chinuch method. He was an early adopter and a big advocate of Techeiles.

Tying Method

MethodString RatioURL


MinhagMinhag SubGroupFully or Partially?


Addictive Thinking: Understanding Self-DeceptionHazelden Publishing1997Link
When Do The Good Things Start?: A Therapist Looks at Life's Ups and Downs (With a Bit of Help from Charlie Brown and His Friends)St. Martin's Griffin1995Link
Life's Too Short!Griffin1997Link
Happiness and the Human Spirit: The Spirituality of Becoming the Best You Can BeJewish Lights2009Link
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Waking up Just in Time: A Therapist Shows How to use the Twelve Steps Approach to Life's Ups and DownsSt. Martin's Griffin1995Link
Lights Along the Way: Timeless Lessons for Today from Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto's Mesillas Yesharim (ArtScroll (Mesorah)) (English, Hebrew and Hebrew Edition)Artscroll Mesorah1995Link
Twerski on SpiritualityMesorah Publications1998Link
Getting Up When You're Down: A Mature Discussion of an Adult Malady - Depression and Related ConditionsMesorah Publications1997Link
A Formula for Proper Living: Practical Lessons from Life and TorahJewish Lights2009Link
How To Kill A Narcissist: Debunking The Myth Of Narcissism And Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse - JH Simon2016Link
The Problem Was Me: How to End Negative Self-Talk and Take Your Life to a New LevelGentle Path Press2011Link
Forgiveness - Don't Let Resentment Keep You CaptiveArtscroll Mesorah2012Link
The Spiritual Self: Reflections on Recovery and GodHazelden Publishing2000Link
It's Not As Tough As You Think: How to Smooth Out Life's BumpsMesorah Publications1999Link
Twerski on ChumashShaar Press2003Link
Successful Relationships at Home, at Work and with Friends: Bringing Control Issues Under ControlMesorah Publications2003Link
Simchah It's Not Just HappinessMesorah Publications2006Link
Twelve Jewish Steps to Recovery (2nd Edition): A Personal Guide to Turning From Alcoholism and Other Addictions―Drugs, Food, Gambling, Sex... (The Jewsih Lights Twelve Steps Series)Jewish Lights2009Link
The First Year of Marriage: Enhancing the Success of Your Marriage Right from the Start -- And Even Before It BeginsMesorah Publications2004Link
Twerski on Machzor: Yom KippurMesorah Publications2012Link
It's Not As Tough at Home As You Think: Making Family Life Smoother and BetterMesorah Publications1999Link
The Thin You Within You: Winning the Weight Game with Self-EsteemSt. Martin's Press1997Link
Artscroll: Haggadah From Bondage to Freedom by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski (English, Hebrew and Hebrew Edition)Mesorah Publications1995Link
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Ten Steps to Being Your Best: A Practical Handbook to Enhance Your Life in Every WayShaar Press2004Link
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Positive ParentingMesorah Publications1996Link
I'd Like To Call For Help But I Don't Know the Number: The Search For The Spirituality In Everyday LifeHolt Paperbacks1991Link
Let Us Make Man: Self Esteem Through JewishnessTraditional Press1987Link
Stepping Out of the Abyss: A Jewish Guide to the 12 StepsMosaica Press2017Link
The Rabbi & the Nuns: The Inside Story of a Rabbi’s Therapeutic Work With the Sisters of St. FrancisMekor Press2013Link
Shut Up and Stay Married: The Secret to Marriage Success - Yisroel RollLeviathon Press2014Link
Addictive Thinking and the Addictive PersonalityMJF Books1999Link
Do Unto Others: How Good Deeds Can Change Your LifeAndrews McMeel Pub1997Link
Not Just Stories: The Chassidic Spirit Through Its Classic StoriesMesorah Publications1997Link
Light at the End of the TunnelMesorah Publications2007Link
Gevurah: My Life, Our World, and the Adventure of Reaching 80Shaar Press2010Link
That's Not a Fault...It's a Character TraitSt. Martin's Press1999Link
The Shame Borne in Silence: Spouse Abuse in the Jewish CommunityUrim Publications2015Link
The Sun Will Shine Again: Coping, Persevering, and Winning in Troubled Economic Times (Pocket Scroll Series)Shaar Press2009Link
Four Chassidic Masters: The Heart, the Mind, the Eye, and the Tongue- History, Stories, TeachingsShaar Press2008Link
Living Each Week (Artscroll Series)Mesorah Publications1992Link
Seek Sobriety Find Serenity - 365 Daily InspirationsFeldheim2014Link
Angels don't leave footprints: Discovering what's right with yourselfMesorah Publications2001Link
A Practical Guide to Rabbinic Counseling: A Jewish Lights Classic ReprintJewish Lights2012Link
I've Gotta Get Out of My Way: Overcoming Obstacles to SuccessMenucha Publications2017Link
I Didn't Ask to Be in This Family: Sibling Relationships and How They Shape Adult Behavior and DependenciesHenry Holt and Co.1996Link
Growing Each DayMesorah Publications1992Link
In-laws: It's All Relative: a Proven Roadmap for Parents and Children to Successful RelationshipsShaar Press2009Link


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