Rabbi Aron Lankry

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From the Scheiner’s Shul website:

“Rabbi Aron Lankry is a dynamic & electric individual with many years of international experience in the Rabbinate & in teaching Jewish Studies. He began his career in 1989, studying in Kollel Ner Yitzchok in Jerusalem & then in 1991 at the young age of 23,he took the position of Rabbi of the Ohel Leah Synagogue in Hong Kong. At Ohel Leah, he gave nightly classes, administered rabbinic functions & supervised the Kashrus Hechsher. The following year he obtained his “Semicha” certification from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, in the laws pertaining to Niddah, Kashrus & Mourning. He then ventured to Edmonton, Canada where he established the first religious day school, Kollel & outreach program in Alberta. After securing his on-going projects with proper infrastructure & the ability to achieve continuing growth, he returned to his wife’s hometown of Lakewood NJ to establish an outreach program at Wharton University & Elkins Park.

Rabbi Lankry continued his education & in 1995 received certification as a Mohel & a short time later completed his certificate in Shechita. In 2000, he received his certificate to officiate at Jewish marriages & divorces from the Beth Din of Philadelphia.

From 2001-2008, Rabbi Lankry brought his multitude of talents to Aventura Florida where he became the Chief Rabbi of the renowned ,Beit Edmund J. Safra synagogue. With over 300 active members & 10,000 visitors a year, the Safra Shul as it is known, is the largest synagogue in the Greater Miami area. While in Florida, Rabbi Lankry established a Hebrew speaking day school ,a Mikvah serving North Miami Beach & acted as a liaison for several pro-Israel organizations. After noting Rabbi Lankry’s enormous success as a dynamic & influential Rabbi, the Safra family commissioned him to open a Community Center & Synagogue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, catering to the growing needs of the Sephardic community & the nearby Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital.

In 2010, Rabbi Lankry, came on board our Shul, as Rabbi of Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim-18 Forshay where he using his talents to grow a vibrant Kehilla. He also became the Director of the Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim College Program. Rabbi Lankry continues to live his dream of spreading Jewish principles & bringing Klal Yisroel closer to the Creator.”

Tying Method

MethodString RatioURL
Sephardic 7-8-11-13Raavad


MinhagMinhag SubGroupFully or Partially?

Additional Images

  • Here R' Lankry is wearing Radzyner Techeiles done in the Sephardi 7-8-11-13. His attitude is that if he “were to be in hell for wearing it, [he] would rather do it alongside the Radzyner Rebbe.”
  • R' Lankry doesn't wear it on his Tallis Gadol, possibly in order to not "stick out."

Wearing Frequencies

Tallis KottonAll, both Radzin and TecheilesAll

What He Does

Chief Rabbi EmeritusBeit Edmund J. Safra Synagogue
Chief RabbiScheiners at 18 Forshay

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