Shul Rav

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Rabbi Daniel Cohen 480 360 rhecht

Rabbi, Shaar HaEmet. Rabbi Cohen has a number of interesting Chumros: Reversing the direction of the winds and loop-throughs of Ben Ish Hai tying so each set of “bumps” are opposite each other, making a DNA-style pattern. Tying small knots at the end of each string, but making sure that there is no extra string…

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Rabbi Daniel Korobkin

Rabbi Daniel Korobkin 4708 3242 rhecht

From Rabbi Daniel Korobkin received his rabbinic ordination from Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, where he studied Jewish law, ethics and philosophy. He received his Master of Arts degree in medieval Jewish and Islamic thought from UCLA’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, and his Master of Science degree from the Johns Hopkins…

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Rabbi Aron Lankry

Rabbi Aron Lankry 720 960 rhecht

From the Scheiner’s Shul website: “Rabbi Aron Lankry is a dynamic & electric individual with many years of international experience in the Rabbinate & in teaching Jewish Studies. He began his career in 1989, studying in Kollel Ner Yitzchok in Jerusalem & then in 1991 at the young age of 23,he took the position of…

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Rabbi Ahron Yoel Kushner

Rabbi Ahron Yoel Kushner 2208 1242 rhecht

Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum ZT”L

Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum ZT”L 298 373 rhecht

Later in life and in private, as told to me by one of his sons, who in turn was advised by a third party (that’s how much later in life).

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Rabbi Mordechai/Mottel Katz

Rabbi Mordechai/Mottel Katz 2208 1242 rhecht

R’ Mordechai/Mottel Katz serves as Rav of Khal Avereichai Torah V’Daas in Brooklyn, NY.

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Rabbi Chaim Twerski

Rabbi Chaim Twerski 800 1200 rhecht

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