GR”A Vilna Gaon Style – All Blue with Teimani Chulyos

While the GR”A in Yahel Ohr is explicit that each set of 4 chulyos alternates blue and white, this is moreso Rambam with a “nod” to the GR”A in terms of how the double knots are spaced out: 4-4-4-1.

To quote from the Daf Yomi Page (p. 4): “Another understanding of the Rambam – The thirteen chulyos are tied with the Yemenite knot, and are distributed between five double knots. Four chulyos between each of the first four knots and one chulya between the fourth and last double knot. “


Additional Images

  • From:
    Ptil Tekhelet's photo archives.
  • From:
    Ptil Tekhelet's photo archives.
  • Seen on someone's Tallis Gadol.
  • On a Tallis Kattan.

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