Rabbi Eliyahu Tavger

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R’ Tavger was the first person to wear Tekhelet with a Bracha.

From Tekhelet.net:

“Rav Tavger is the Rabbinical advisor of the Ptil Tekhelet Association.  His involvement with tekhelet began in his kollel studies during which time he published his first work on tekhelet in the Journal Moria, with the blessing of HaRav Hagaon Shmuel Auerbach S”hlita.   Further in depth research of the subject led to the publication of his seminal work “Klil Tekhelet”.  In 1988, his research culminated in the first ever dyeing of tekhelet for the mitzvah of tzitzit from the Murex trunculus since its disappearance 1300 years prior.  Rav Tavger then joined the founders of Ptil Tekhelet to become the organization’s guiding light.

In addition to his efforts with the Ptil Tekhelet Organization, Rav Tavger has been teaching in Moscow in Yeshivat Torat Chaim founded by HaRav Hagaon Moshe Soloveitchik ZT”L and currently under the auspices of HaRav Hagaon Aharon Leib Steinman S”hlita.  Rav Tavger resides in Kiryat Sefer with his wife Miriam and their eleven children.

Languages:  Hebrew, Russian”

Since R’ Tavger recommends Ashkenazim to wear like the Chinuch method, I’m guessing he wears like the Chinuch.

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