Raavad - ראב"ד

Yosef Eli Steinberg

Yosef Eli Steinberg 1080 1087 rhecht


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Rabbi Meir Orlian

Rabbi Meir Orlian 400 400 rhecht

Rabbi Meir Orlian is a faculty member of the Business Halacha Institute, headed by HaRav Chaim Kohn, a noted dayan. He also is Rav Beit Knesset Kehillati at Yad Binyamin, Israel. To receive BHI’s free newsletter, Business Weekly, send an e-mail to subscribe@businesshalacha.com. For questions regarding business halacha issues, or to bring a BHI lecturer…

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Ari Goldwag

Ari Goldwag 1296 729 rhecht

Rabbi Yehuda Levi told me he tied for him.

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Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein

Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein 261 291 rhecht

Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein has a PhD. from Harvard, studying early modern commentaries on Pirke Avot. An alumnus of Har Etzion (1982), Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein has served in the community rabbinate and in educational roles at the high school and adult level. He is an author of Jewish fiction and non-fiction, most recently We’re Missing…

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Rabbi Eliyahu Kaufman

Rabbi Eliyahu Kaufman 2156 2156 rhecht

R’ Eliyahu Tavger’s father in law, and the former manager of Camp Agudah. R’ Kaufman initially convinced R’ Chaim Yisroel Belsky ZT”L to wear Techeiles.

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Yosef Karduner

Yosef Karduner 1280 960 rhecht

Famous Israeli Chassidic singer and musician. From Wikipedia: “Yosef Karduner (Hebrew: יוסף קרדונר, born 1969) is an Israeli Hasidic singer, songwriter, and composer. His biggest hit,[1] Shir LaMaalot (Psalm 121), appeared on his debut album, Road Marks (2000).”

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Naftali Kempeh

Naftali Kempeh 535 640 rhecht

Jewish singer.

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Rabbi Moshe Bain

Rabbi Moshe Bain 2048 1407 rhecht

Former President of the OU. I (Rafi Hecht) asked Rabbi Bain one Shabbos: How was he inspired to take it on? He answered that Rabbi Hershel Schachter make a compelling argument to start wearing it. He asked his Rabbi, Yaakov Weinberg if he should start wearing it and was told yes. Why Raavad and 7-8-11-13…

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Rabbi Yisroel Barkin – More Supporting Evidence for Rambam Raavad

Rabbi Yisroel Barkin – More Supporting Evidence for Rambam Raavad 1275 1650 rhecht

פרשת שלח תשס”ח סג והיה לכם לציצית נכונה בעזהש”י… וגם כל ספרי המקובלים ובזוה”ק מבואר שחוט א’ הוא של תכלת וד’ של לבן. ועיין רמב”ן על התורה…”. עיין שם דבריו באורך, כי א”א להביא כולם כאן. ויש כמה הוכחות מדברי חז”ל לשיטה שמטילים רק חוט א’ ודלא כשיטת רש”י והתוס’ (אם כי אין הכרע שהכוונה…

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Maseches Mashkin – Shlomo ben HaYasom – page 129

Maseches Mashkin – Shlomo ben HaYasom – page 129 1242 1755 rhecht

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