GR”A Vilna Gaon Style – All Blue with Teimani Chulyos

GR”A Vilna Gaon Style – All Blue with Teimani Chulyos 413 1877 rhecht

While the GR”A in Yahel Ohr is explicit that each set of 4 chulyos alternates blue and white, this is moreso Rambam with a “nod” to the GR”A in terms of how the double knots are spaced out: 4-4-4-1. To quote from the Daf Yomi Page (p. 4): “Another understanding of the Rambam – The…

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7-8-11-13 Belz / Slonim / Ger

7-8-11-13 Belz / Slonim / Ger 3024 4032 rhecht

This is similar in format to the Ben Ish Hai method, but without the “spine.” After each Chulya of three, the Shamash goes through each set of four strings to make a separation between one Chulya and the next. What we do to make it more even is we switch direction of the winds after…

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7-8-11-13 Sephardic Spine

7-8-11-13 Sephardic Spine 545 3289 rhecht

7-8-11-13 with Alternating Chulyos

7-8-11-13 with Alternating Chulyos 720 960 rhecht

Received from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. To quote: Regarding pattern: The idea is to: (1) capture the nice symbolism R Aryeh Kaplan gives the Ashkenazi 7, 8, 11 and 13, the same groupings as the 39 melakhos; and as halachic argument So… You will see that the Ashkenazi implementation of the Sifra’s 5…

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Rosh, or Reverse Chinuch Method

Rosh, or Reverse Chinuch Method 720 960 rhecht

Some prefer 7 Techeiles Chulyos instead of 6. This method allows for it by doing blue-white-blue in between knots 2-3 and 3-4. From VilnaGaon.org: “A Discussion of the Viewpoint of the Rosh on Tying Tzitzit With Tekhelet In the commentary of the Rosh on the Torah in the book Hadar Z’kainim, at the end of…

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GR"A Chaim Twerski 1.0

GR”A Vilna Gaon Style – All Blue with Chabad Chulyos

GR”A Vilna Gaon Style – All Blue with Chabad Chulyos 1152 2048 rhecht

R’ Chaim Twerski Shlit”a holds like the Raavad (1, 3) and originally tied like the GR”A using all blue Chulyos, using the Chabad/Chassidishe Chulya. However, he has changed his mind and now tells people to tie like the GRA alternating blue and white. He follows R Yitzchok Brand’s Shitta. The general pattern for GR”A is…

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R’ Eliyahu Ohayon / Uziel Family Casablanca

R’ Eliyahu Ohayon / Uziel Family Casablanca 960 950 rhecht

The tying method is based on the Halacha of start with white and with white 13 Chulyos. The concept of the Keshira is 3 against 3 and one in the middle.

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7-8-11-13 with Yemenite Chulyos

7-8-11-13 with Yemenite Chulyos 900 1600 rhecht

7-8-11-13 with Yemenite Chulyos, also fulfills the AR”I in 7-8-11-13 with broken Chulyos between 5 knots. Breslov wears like this and rumor has it that Chabad originally tied Chulyos like this before doing the current method. R’ Zalman Nechemia Goldberg ZT”L also notably wore this method on one of his Talleisim.

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R’ Yaakov Nagen of Otniel Tying

R’ Yaakov Nagen of Otniel Tying 720 960 rhecht

This is sort of a reverse Amram Gaon, where the first and last Chulyos are Techeiles, with one wind white before and after. Bottom-line, his understanding is that the 7 Chulyos representing the 7 heavens should be the color blue, which is the color of the sky. That’s why he reverses the tying order.

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7-8-11-13 248 1360 rhecht

For those that don’t want to change the standard tying method with Lavan. This also is good as it meets the Raavad’s requirement of no less than 7, no more than 13. In Chassidus/Kabbalah this pattern is also very popular since the AR”I prescribed this ratio but with Chulyos. The AR”I in Shaar HaKavanos apparently…

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