Ratio - Rambam

Kesher Teimani – Alternative

Kesher Teimani – Alternative 250 1111 rhecht

This is YKVK (26) with Techeiles, but Yidy Fuxman of Knot the Tzitzit believes that some Teimanim will end off, not with a double knot, but with a Teimani Chulya of 2 white winds forming a distinct knot. An open questin is, why doesn’t the tying begin with a white wind which the Gemara is…

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GR”A Vilna Gaon Style – All Blue with Teimani Chulyos

GR”A Vilna Gaon Style – All Blue with Teimani Chulyos 413 1877 rhecht

While the GR”A in Yahel Ohr is explicit that each set of 4 chulyos alternates blue and white, this is moreso Rambam with a “nod” to the GR”A in terms of how the double knots are spaced out: 4-4-4-1. To quote from the Daf Yomi Page (p. 4): “Another understanding of the Rambam – The…

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Rambam with Double Knots Before and After

Rambam with Double Knots Before and After 757 1600 rhecht

The logic here is that the “Kesher Elyon” is unclear if it’s the knot closest to or farthest from the Beged, so this satisfies both if one wants to be Machmir on the double knot according to the Mordechai.

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7-8-11-13 Sephardic Spine

7-8-11-13 Sephardic Spine 545 3289 rhecht

North Africa/Molcho 10-5-6-5 Method

North Africa/Molcho 10-5-6-5 Method 609 3873 rhecht

10-5-6-5 add up to the numerical equivalent of 26, which is YKVK (the Tetragrammaton). This is a centuries-old tying Minhag (Italian Jews; Spanish, Portuguese and North African Sephardim).

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Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl – Rambam

Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl – Rambam 720 1280 rhecht

Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl wore (and R’ David Ben Zazon wears) 7-8-11-13 with Chabad Chulyot, the first 6 winds (two Chulyot) and last 3 winds being white. In R’ Ben Zazon’s words: אני קושר כמו השולחן ערוך גם את התכלת, כיוון שכך המנהג המקובל במאות השנים האחרונות, ולגבי התכלת אין רצף של מנהג… זה מה שהרב…

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Rambam 7 with 5 Knots, Chabad Chulyot Crisscrossed

Rambam 7 with 5 Knots, Chabad Chulyot Crisscrossed 1536 2048 rhecht

5 Knots as per Rashi and a sense of tradition. Re: criscrossing as per the Ben Ish Hai, this tyer has seen this in a citation from ספר תרומת הדשן .

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Vilna Gaon (GR”A) 7 Method

Vilna Gaon (GR”A) 7 Method 720 960 rhecht

From Ptil Tekhelet: This method defines a chulyah as a group of three twists. It has 13 chulyot but can also be 7, and generally alternates white and Tekhelet between them, starting and ending with a chulyah of white. Those chulyot are distributed between five (double) knots with two chulyot between the top four knots…

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Rambam R’ Hershel Schachter 1.0

Rambam R’ Hershel Schachter 1.0 200 285 rhecht

R’ Hershel Schachter learns the Rambam’s way of separating chulyos by knots. He also started out doing seven 3-wind Chulyos. For those that want to use Rambam ratio strings, this option is available.

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GR"A Chaim Twerski 1.0

GR”A Vilna Gaon Style – All Blue with Chabad Chulyos

GR”A Vilna Gaon Style – All Blue with Chabad Chulyos 1152 2048 rhecht

R’ Chaim Twerski Shlit”a holds like the Raavad (1, 3) and originally tied like the GR”A using all blue Chulyos, using the Chabad/Chassidishe Chulya. However, he has changed his mind and now tells people to tie like the GRA alternating blue and white. He follows R Yitzchok Brand’s Shitta. The general pattern for GR”A is…

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