Karaite Sissith

Karaite Sissith use equal partners of blue and white as thread groups. Considering that Karaites read the Torah literally, it’s curious as to why they don’t read Ptil as only one cord!

Textual Resource

Gan Eden – Aaron ben Elijah – Sissith

Gan Eden Aaron ben Elijah – Full

Also see this from Joel Davidi Weisberger:

“During the Middle Ages, there was also plenty of cross-pollination (not to mention intermarriage)  between the 2 communities. The notion that the 2 communities developed completely independent of each other is a mistaken one. One common Rabbanite custom that possibly has its roots in Karaitism (according to some opinions), is holding (and kissing) ones sissith during keriath shema (see Beth Yosef on Tur, Orah Hayyimm simman 24, where he quotes the geonic sages Natronai and Moshe on this).”


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