R’ Chaim Twerski / R’ Yitzchok Brand GR”A Tying

R’ Chaim Twerski Shlit”a holds like the Raavad (1, 3) and originally tied like the GR”A using all blue Chulyos, using the Chabad/Chassidishe Chulya. However, he has changed his mind and now tells people to tie like the GRA alternating blue and white. He follows R Yitzchok Brand’s Shitta. The general pattern for GR”A is 4-4-4-1. String ratio is unclear.



Additional Images

  • GR"A like R' Chaim Twerski (1.0) - Full Pair
    This uses Chabad/Chassidishe Chulyos.
  • GR"A as per one Shitta Yeshivat Otniel uses.
    This uses Yemenite Chulyos and Rambam ratio. It's been conveyed that R' Meir Soloveitchik now wears like this as does R' Reem.