Gershom Baraza

Gershom Baraza 2048 2048 rhecht

Rafi is very knowledgeable on the matters of tzitzis , techeles and talesim. He was extremely helpful and instrumental in me getting to understand the topic of techeles. Excellent service and high quality tzitzis.

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Rabbi Aaron Katchen

Rabbi Aaron Katchen 227 247 rhecht

Rafi was knowledgeable of the halachot and different inyanim of tzitzit. He did an excellent job in preparing my different begedim, and the fact that he would pick up and drop off was an added bonus. May he continue to help everyone be kaiyum the full mitzvah of tzitzit in the proper way.

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Michael Skobac

Michael Skobac 400 400 rhecht

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Blue Fringes website providing techeles in Toronto at reasonable prices. I was very impressed with the wide variety of both strings and tying styles available. My order was promptly ready the next day and I want to commend Reb Rafi for his care, commitment and tremendous knowledge.

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