Techeiles Contest #1 Results

Happy Chanuka! We are living in a strange time, with the war in Israel against Hamas in Gaza unfortunately still happening. Blue Fringes is doing a contest which combines these elements. Qualifying involves 3 easy steps:

Contest #1 officially ended this past Sunday, December 11, 2023, 12 AM EST and has seen 66 unique entries. We assigned each entry a ticket ID and randomly selected each winner. The results:

Prize 1: Elisha Mendelsohn

Prize 2: Chaya Rus Alexandra Kong-Hazan

Prize 3 (5 winners):

Avigdor Fuld

Netanel Hazan

Daniel Taller

Asher Scheiner

David De


Thank you all for participating in this contest. For those that didn’t win this one, Behatzlacha in winning future contests set up!

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