Tosafot - תוספות

Rabbi Michael Skobac

Rabbi Michael Skobac 1024 1024 rhecht

From Rabbi Michael Skobac – one of the world’s foremost authorities on Missionaries and Cults – is the Director of Education and Counselling of Jews for Judaism (Canada). He was educated at Northwestern University and Yeshiva University and has been involved in Jewish education and outreach work since 1975. Rabbi Skobac was the founding…

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Rashbam in Bava Basra 130b Yesh Nochlin

Rashbam in Bava Basra 130b Yesh Nochlin 870 506 rhecht

The last opinion is decisive. Gemini AI summary: The passage discusses how to determine legal rulings in Judaism. Here’s a breakdown: Mishnah (Jewish legal code) rulings alone are unreliable. Even if the Mishnah seems clear, the actual law might be different. Rulings from the Gemara (interpretations of the Mishnah) are reliable. The Gemara clarifies the practical implications…

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Sefer HaChinuch Method with Sephardi Winds

Sefer HaChinuch Method with Sephardi Winds 1920 2560 rhecht

From Ptil Tekhelet: This method defines a chulyah as a group of three twists. It has 13 chulyot, and alternates white and Tekhelet between them, starting and ending with a chulyah of white. Those chulyot are distributed between five (double) knots with three chulyot between the top four knots and four chulyot between the fourth…

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Tosafos R’ Yaakov Basser

Tosafos R’ Yaakov Basser 1540 2048 rhecht

Here it’s done 3-4, 3-4, 3-4, 7 which makes the winds even per the Lekach Tov. The reason also for 7 winds is to satisfy Tosafos’ Yesh Omrim that there should be no less than 7 winds between knots.

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7-8-11-13 with 7 Chulyos – Rabbi Heschel Weiner’s Method

7-8-11-13 with 7 Chulyos – Rabbi Heschel Weiner’s Method 720 1280 rhecht

The Riva (ריב״א) variation of Rav Heschel Weiner (formerly Chicago today Ma’ale Adumim.) The variation keeps with today’s 7-8-11-13 by adding extra blue wraps on the first 3 and white on the fourth. 3 white – 4 techelet 3 white – 5 techelet 3 white – 8 techelet 13 white

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Rabbeinu Tam on Techeiles

Rabbeinu Tam on Techeiles 960 444 rhecht

Tosafos Talmud Bavli Menachos 39a לא יפחות משבע כנגד שבעה רקיעים. לפי שתכלת דומה לים וים דומה לרקיע ואנן דלית לן תכלת לא קפדינן בהא והא נמי דאמרינן צריך לקשור על כל חוליא וחוליא היינו כדי שיהא ניכר התכלת ומה שאנו נוהגים חמשה קשרים פירש בקונטרס גבי ציצית שקולה כנגד כל המצות לפי שציצית עולה…

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Tosafos 7-8-11-13 with 7 Chulyos (v2)

Tosafos 7-8-11-13 with 7 Chulyos (v2) 722 960 rhecht

An elegant variation of 7-8-11-13 with Tosafos ratio. Pure Tosafos mandates 7 Chulyos, yet there’s a Yesh Omrim at the end suggesting each Chulya can be more than 3 winds. This is done as follows: 3-4, 4-4, 5-6, 13. This method isn’t specified by anyone in particular but is an interesting interpretation plus one is…

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R’ David Dudkevitch

R’ David Dudkevitch 1079 605 rhecht

Rosh yeshiva, Roeh Yisrael in Yitzhar. From R’ Chaim Tzvi Binstock: “He wears Tosfos strings, with chinuch tie, on all begadim. “

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Rav Yitzchok Katz

Rav Yitzchok Katz 1024 682 rhecht

Rav, Khal Avreichei Torah Vodaas and son-in-law of the Aleksander Rebbe.

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Yad Ramah on Chilazon

Yad Ramah on Chilazon 1296 329 rhecht

אמר ליה ההוא [צדוקי] לרבי אמי אמריתו חיו שיכבי כו’ אמר ליה ומה במקום שאין מים ואין עפר בנה פלטרין גדולים מטיפה קטנה אי נמי במעשה בראשית שהמציא יש מאין ואין עפר בנה עכשיו שנפלו ויש מים ויש עפר עאכ”ו ואם אין אתה מאמין צא לבקעה וראה עכבר שחציו בשר וחציו אדמה מין עכבר הוא…

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