Rambam - רמב"ם

Rabbi Yonatan Halevy

Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 942 1698 rhecht

From his website: Rabbi Yonatan Halevy, affectionately known as Rabbi Yoni, is the Rabbi and Spiritual leader of Kehillat Shaar HaShamayim. Brief Biographical Sketch Rabbi Yonatan studied at the Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, Maryland, for five years, before pursuing his Rabbinical Ordination at the Sheheber Sephardic Center in Jerusalem. Rabbi Yonatan received his…

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Meshech Chochma on Rambam Ratio

Meshech Chochma on Rambam Ratio 5100 6600 rhecht

Rabbi Avraham Ben HaRambam – Potzea

Rabbi Avraham Ben HaRambam – Potzea 2779 3582 rhecht

Full sefer here Selected text translation: Let’s say in the Gemara concerning “Ptziyas chilazon” that one is מתעסק (unaware) regarding the killing of it (in other words, that is not what your intent is, you are just trying to get its blood) the explanation is not the simple way most understand it (and therefore one…

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Rabbi Alon Anava

Rabbi Alon Anava 406 406 rhecht

Beri Weber

Beri Weber 930 1021 rhecht

Famous Chassidic singer. Also runs a wonderful school for teens who otherwise would “fall through the cracks.”

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Ohr Torah – R’ Meir Mazuz

Ohr Torah – R’ Meir Mazuz 1706 2410 rhecht

Rabbi Yehuda Rock

Rabbi Yehuda Rock 960 720 rhecht

A Rebbi at Yeshivas Har Etzion. He was an early adopter.

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Radzyn – Psil Techeiles

Radzyn – Psil Techeiles 2322 3072 rhecht

האדמו”ר מראדזין, ר’ גרשון העניך ליינר ספרי התכלת, פתיל תכלת, דף קלב בהא נחתינן ובהא סלקינן, שהגם שזכינו לתכלת אין לנו לשנות מנהגנו של חמישה קשרים וט”ל כריכות דהיינו שבעה, ושמונה, ואחד עשר, ושלש עשרה, אלא שיש לעשות הכריכות שלש שלש, כמו שבאמת יש נוהגין לעשות כן גם בלבן, כדי שיהיה מנין י”ג חוליות, והגם…

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RAMAK – Ohr Yakar on the Zohar

RAMAK – Ohr Yakar on the Zohar 2976 3968 rhecht

From Wikipedia: Moses ben Jacob Cordovero (Hebrew: משה קורדובירו‎ Moshe Kordovero ‎; 1522–1570) was a central figure in the historical development of Kabbalah, leader of a mystical school in 16th-century Safed, Ottoman Syria. He is known by the acronym the Ramak (Hebrew: רמ״ק‎). After the Medieval flourishing of Kabbalah, centered on the Zohar, attempts were made to give a complete intellectual system to its theology, such as by Meir ibn…

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7-8-11-13 Belz / Slonim / Ger

7-8-11-13 Belz / Slonim / Ger 3024 4032 rhecht

This is similar in format to the Ben Ish Hai method, but without the “spine.” After each Chulya of three, the Shamash goes through each set of four strings to make a separation between one Chulya and the next. What we do to make it more even is we switch direction of the winds after…

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