5 Knots - ה' קשרים

HaRav Giora Brenner שליט”א

HaRav Giora Brenner שליט”א 490 490 rhecht

Rosh Yeshiva, Hilchata Nachliel

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Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen

Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen 1440 1806 rhecht

From Justifi: Dov Ber, originally from England, has extensive experience in tzedakah, Tikkun olam and self development projects. Having completed a BA Hons Degree at the University of Manchester, Dov Ber spent the next 6 years living in Asia, where he taught English and Buddhism, as well as volunteered in orphanages and trained in several…

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Magen Avraham of Trisk and R’ Yissachar Dov from Belz

Magen Avraham of Trisk and R’ Yissachar Dov from Belz 200 1256 rhecht

The Magen Avraham holds that the chulyos need to start full after each double knot, as opposed to completing the previous Chulya broken off. In Belz, there was an argument between R’ Yissachar Dov from Belz and his son, the succeeding Belzer Rav, when they do the Chulyos, do they do it 3-3-1 and then…

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HaRav Meir Eliyahu

HaRav Meir Eliyahu 594 613 rhecht

He claimed he has written a 300 page teshuvah going through all the issues. It took him more than a month to write it. He concludes the murex is the real chilazon according to Halacha and it should be worn. He originally was against wearing techelet but he decided to learn the sugya properly and…

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HaRav Yaakov Peretz

HaRav Yaakov Peretz 420 630 rhecht

From https://www.facebook.com/rabbiyaakovperetz/about_details: HaRav Yaakov Peretz – author of the illustrious “Emet L’Yaakov” series, Rosh Yeshivah of Midrash Sepharadi, Rosh Kollel Hechal Pinchas, and Rav in Neve Yaakov. From R’ Yonatan HeLevy: https://www.facebook.com/rabbiyonatanhalevy/posts/pfbid0LHdkyiATncR8yP9H9q7zpJKqMExJsvhv3YW7TbLdoxqUeujmwtkPqNvJvmZC3UzHl “I was there when he began doing it, and demanded that we do it as well ״אם אתם מבקשים את האמת״ … He…

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Riva’s commentary on Rabbeinu Tam

Riva’s commentary on Rabbeinu Tam 520 1128 rhecht

יג] מורידין: ואמר ריב”א שראה ציצית של ר”ת עשוי כך ורוב העולם נהגו לעשות הקשרים בין החוליות וראיה מהא דאמרינן לעיל צריך לקשור על כל חוליא וחוליא. ומסתמא היינו אחר כריכות של לבן וכן של תכלת וקאמר הפוחת לא יפחות מג’ היינו ג’ חוליות של לבן וג’ של תכלת ואחת שמסיים בלבן נמצא קשר סמוך…

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Rabbi Heschel Weiner

Rabbi Heschel Weiner 1800 2100 rhecht

From http://deepchicago.org/staff.html: Rabbi Heschel Weiner holds a Masters in Education (Educational Psychology) from Loyola University and Rabbinic Ordination from the Hebrew Theological College. He has been involved in education for our community for almost forty years, teaching at Hillel Torah Day School, Ida Crown Jewish Academy, Fasman Yeshiva High School, Hebrew Theological College and the…

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Tosafos R’ Yaakov Basser

Tosafos R’ Yaakov Basser 1540 2048 rhecht

Here it’s done 3-4, 3-4, 3-4, 7 which makes the winds even per the Lekach Tov. The reason also for 7 winds is to satisfy Tosafos’ Yesh Omrim that there should be no less than 7 winds between knots.

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7-8-11-13 with 7 Chulyos – Rabbi Heschel Weiner’s Method

7-8-11-13 with 7 Chulyos – Rabbi Heschel Weiner’s Method 720 1280 rhecht

The Riva (ריב״א) variation of Rav Heschel Weiner (formerly Chicago today Ma’ale Adumim.) The variation keeps with today’s 7-8-11-13 by adding extra blue wraps on the first 3 and white on the fourth. 3 white – 4 techelet 3 white – 5 techelet 3 white – 8 techelet 13 white

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Rabbeinu Tam on Techeiles

Rabbeinu Tam on Techeiles 960 444 rhecht

Tosafos Talmud Bavli Menachos 39a לא יפחות משבע כנגד שבעה רקיעים. לפי שתכלת דומה לים וים דומה לרקיע ואנן דלית לן תכלת לא קפדינן בהא והא נמי דאמרינן צריך לקשור על כל חוליא וחוליא היינו כדי שיהא ניכר התכלת ומה שאנו נוהגים חמשה קשרים פירש בקונטרס גבי ציצית שקולה כנגד כל המצות לפי שציצית עולה…

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