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We offer unbeatable prices for Tekhelet strings, as well as personalized service, with the convenience of picking up the strings locally. Prices below are in CAD.

Please note that we do not sell strings or Begadim ready-made. If you wish to purchase a full-pair, add the cost of a Beged, plus the cost of strings, plus the cost of tying. Tying can be done however manner you’d like.

Please note that Radzyner Techeiles is only sold to someone that has a real connection with Radzyn/Breslov Chassidus and the reasons behind it, since most Rabbonim, Rishonim, scientists, historians and archeologists, etc. all state that the murex trunculus is the lone Chilazon for Techeiles.

Also note Radzyn strings sold are only the blue ones: you will need to purchase white strings as well. Murex Techeiles strings though are sold as one package and white strings therefore don’t need to be purchased for those.


  1. Analysis: Radziner Vs. Murex Tekheleth, The Truth!



See here for a full list of tying methods.

Strings - Radzyn Techeiles

Please note that only the blue strings are sold. For a full set with white strings. a set of white strings will need to be purchased separately.

Also note that (not to mislead anyone) unless you are a Radzyner, Breslover, or in general a Chassid with a strong affinity to Radzyner/Cuttlefish Techeiles as fulfilling the mitzvah, you're best off with Murex Techeiles.

Techeiles is a personal Mitzvah as it instructs one to "see it, and remember Hashem's Mitzvos, and do them." The below prices are to make the option of Radzyner Techeiles available to those that feel strongly about it and the Radzyn understanding of the role the Chilazon plays in making Techeiles.
ProductString ThicknessString LengthOur PriceOur Price (USD)In Stock?

Strings - White

ItemThicknessBrandCost (CAD)Cost (USD)Stock?
White Strings - Machine-SpunThickMishkan HaTecheiles$13$10Yes
White Strings - Machine-SpunThinMishkan HaTecheiles$10$8Yes
White Strings - Hand-SpunThickMishkan HaTecheiles$22$18Yes
White Strings - Hand-SpunThinMishkan HaTecheiles$18$15Yes

Begadim - Garments

SizeMaterialNeckHolesStrings?Price (CAD)Price (USD)Stock?
20MeshSlit1Yes, Machine-Spun Thin Ashkenaz$35$24Yes
20Wool w/o Fringes, black stripesRound/Slit2No$65$50Yes
20Wool w/o Fringes, black stripesSlit2Yes, Hand-spun Chabad/AR"I Tying$75$60Yes
24MeshSlit1Yes, Machine-Spun Thin$35$24Yes
24Mesh CottonRound1Yes, Machine-Spun Thin$35$24Yes
24Wool w/o Fringes, black stripesRound/Slit1No$70$60Yes
24Wool w/Fringes, black stripesRound/Slit2No$70$60Yes
24Wool w/o Fringes, black stripesSlit2Yes, Hand-spun Chabad Tying$80$65Yes
24Kalit Lightweight Wool Tallit Katan with FringesV-Neck1No$75$60Yes
26Wool w/Fringes, black stripesRound/Slit2No$75$60Yes
22Wool ChabadChabad Round2No$65$50Yes
24Wool ChabadChabad Round2No$70$55Yes
22-MT-Shirt Beged - Cotton1$36$20Yes
22-MT-Shirt Beged - Wool1$70$55Yes
24-LT-Shirt Beged - Cotton1$36$20Yes
24-LT-Shirt Beged - Wool1$70$55Yes
26-XLT-Shirt Beged - Cotton1$40$25Yes
26-XLT-Shirt Beged - Wool1$75$60Yes


ServiceDescriptionPrice Per Pair (CAD)Price Per Corner (CAD)Price Per Pair (USD)Price Per Corner (USD)
Tying FeeAny "regular" method$30$9$25$7
Tying FeeAny "regular" method - 7 Chulyos$20$6$12$3.5
Tying FeeSephardi winds$35$10$30$9
Tying FeeSephardi winds - 7 Chulyos$23$7$15$4.5
Tying FeeChassidic chulyos$40$11$35$10
Tying FeeChassidic chulyos - 7 Chulyos$25$8$18$5.5
Tying FeeRambam chulyot$50$14$40$11
Tying FeeRambam chulyot - 7 Chulyos$30$8$20$6
Untying FeeIf you wish to keep the old strings.$15$4$10$3
Untying Fee - Rambam StringsIf you wish to keep the old strings.$20$5.50$15$4

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