Rabbi Mordechai Chriqui

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Mordekhai Chriqui, Rabbi and researcher in the field of Kabbalah and metaphysics, he is the founder of Ramhal Institute in Jerusalem since 1990. He has published thirty books on Kabbalah and in particular Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (Ramhal) in Hebrew and French, as “Le flambeau de la Cabale”, “Le Maggîd et les écrits zohariques du Ramhal” ; and annotated ledgers Ramhal translations : “Messilat Yesharim – La voie des Justes”, “Daat Tévounot, les voies de la Direction Divine”, “Derekh Hachem, la voie de D.ieu”, “Qalah Pithé Hokhma – Les 138 Portiques de la Sagesse” ; as well as books on the synthesis of thought Ramhal as “Rechev Israel” (Hebrew) or “Le Roi du Monde” and “L’Essence de la Torah”.

Recently (October 2013) his book “Le Règne de l’Unité” was translated into English under the title : “The Sovereignty of Oneness” for sale on Amazon . All these books are published by Editions Ramhal, created by Mordechai Chriqui, we can see them on the site : www.ramhal.com

He also hosts a research center and a community in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem. Along with his duties as rabbi, he has conducted studies on the science of religion at Concordia University, where he holds an MA in Religious Sciences.

Rabbi Mordekhai Chriqui was for many years interested in Kabbalistic thought and its philosophical implications in history. He is currently writing a doctoral thesis (Ph.D.) at the Sorbonne on “The Perception of Kabbalah as Metaphysics of the Unity”.

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