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From Justifi:

Dov Ber, originally from England, has extensive experience in tzedakah, Tikkun olam and self development projects. Having completed a BA Hons Degree at the University of Manchester, Dov Ber spent the next 6 years living in Asia, where he taught English and Buddhism, as well as volunteered in orphanages and trained in several martial arts. A year and a half of that time was spent in Thailand, where he developed an in depth understanding of the culture as well as strong grasp of the language – including several children’s songs which you are sure to know by the end of the trip!

After leaving Asia, Dov Ber came to Israel and studied in yeshiva for over a year, discovering the deep wisdom and spiritual insight of Torah Judaism. In 2008 he set up All for the Kids, an organisation which focused on raising money for orphans in Israel and Africa, as well as teaching people the value of social action work and publicizing the Jewish people’s role in Tikkun Olam. His 40 day walk across Israel raised $18,000 and received worldwide press coverage. He emerged from a six week Presentense innovation incubator with a new project, Be a Kli, which saw him lead outreach, social action and self development projects with Israeli backpackers in India. Once again the project received worldwide press coverage. In 2010, Dov Ber was employed by an Israeli social action start up, Lev Olam, where he helped develop the organisation as well as becoming their projects manager and running more trips to India.

In 2011, he founded Self Discovery (www.selfdiscoveryexperience.org) an organisation which empowers young Jewish adults to discover, celebrate and share their unique potential, through powerful, experiential programming. In the first year they ran programming for over 2000 participants.

He made Aliyah at the end of 2008 and appears in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ web-booklet entitled ‘Young Leaders of Israel 2010.’

Dov Ber also teaches martial arts and meditation and just received Smicha d’Rabbanut.

He lives in Jerusalem with his beautiful wife and delicious daughter, and son.

You can email Dov Ber at DovBer@justifi.org


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