Rabbi Daniel/Dani Green

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Rabbi, Congregation Adas Israel of Hamilton, Ontario. Son of the famous Rabbi Mordechai/Morton Green who himself served the congregation with distinction.

About Adas Israel

The Adas Israel is dedicated to fostering an embracing, non-judgmental, atmosphere that inspires authentic Jewish growth and a strong sense of community. What defines the Adas is not a single Torah outlook, or lifestyle, but rather a warm and welcoming spirit.

The word “Adas” (or Adat) is defined as “a community united by a common calling” (R’ Hirsch). Families would be hard-pressed to find a more vibrant environment that is both diverse and unified.

Walking through our Shul you will experience a thriving congregation with children and university students, young families and seniors, all growing together as an organic Jewish community.

What They Do

Hamilton Jewish life is pulsating, vibrant, and meaningful.

Hamilton offers everything your family needs to live a committed Jewish life with three daily Minyanim, a state-of-the-art Mikvah (see below), and a wide variety of learning programs for children and adults alike.

Our historic day school, the Hamilton Hebrew Academy, has educated over three generations of Jewish students and our daily shuttle transports highschool students to a variety of schools in Toronto to continue their full time Jewish education. Hamilton offers a variety of kosher shopping and dining options, and numerous community events at our Shul, J Hamilton, and other venues.

The uniqueness of our community can only be appreciated by experiencing it first-hand. Please join us for a memorable Shabbat and learn what makes our community so special. RSVP at office@adasisrael.ca.

The Famous Mikveh

128 Cline Avenue South, Hamilton ON L8S 1X2
(Path on left side of house)
For an appointment please call 905-577-6842 or email mikvah@adasisrael.ca. By appointment only.

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What He Does

Shul RabbiCongregation Adas Israel of Hamilton

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