Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Rabbi, Shaar HaEmet.

Rabbi Cohen has a number of interesting Chumros:

  1. Reversing the direction of the winds and loop-throughs of Ben Ish Hai tying so each set of “bumps” are opposite each other, making a DNA-style pattern.
  2. Tying small knots at the end of each string, but making sure that there is no extra string after that single knot tying since that would represent the Sitra Achara.
  3. Only having his Tzitzis tied at day and not at night.
  4. Using only ceramic scissors and not metal when cutting (which is closer to a Halacha than a Chumra at this point).
  5. He wears Raavad on his Tallis Gadol, Rambam on his Tallis Kattan since Rambam ratio represents Nistar. He’s also apparently hedging all opinions.


published at: Mar 05, 2017

SHAAR HAEMET is an organization, which had and has tremendous success in the United States and Israel in returning to Judaism thousands of Jewish souls. What began in 1998 as a small organization with an outreach program in Queens, NY, under spiritual leadership of R. Daniel Cohen, now became a big organization that has spread all over the United States, Israel and Austria in Russian, Bukharian, and other Jewish communities. Our operations are still growing.

* We opened a new branch of SHAAR HAEMET in the Holy Land of ISRAEL where as of now we support 3 rabbinical schools “KOLLEL for DAYANIM” where 38 great Talmidey Chachamim learn TORAH daily.

* BETH MIDRASH – Every evening Talmud, Mussar and Halacha Lessons are presented by Rabbi Daniel in English, Hebrew and Russian.

* Help for ALMANOT & YETOMIM (widows and orphans)

* Lessons for family purity for men and women.

* Preparation of the bride and groom for family purity.

* Lessons for young couples how to sustain a happy marriage and Shalom Bait.

* Preparing Bar Mitzvah – advanced lessons for young boys in daily laws and preparation for reading the weekly Torah portion (Nigun: Yerushalmi and Iraqi)

* Preparing Bat Mitzvah – lessons for girls, daily laws of Kashrut and Shabbat.

* Tefilot on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

* Torah Lectures on Shabbat with inspiring topics given by Rabbi Daniel Cohen.

* Promoting and helping with the acquirement of Tefillin, Tzitzit, Mezuzah, Jewish Books and literature, etc.

* Checking, fixing and writing Sifrey Torah, Tefillin, Mezuzot.

* Performing Huppa and Kiddushin, renewing mistaken Ketubot.

* Publications – A Book on Laws of Shabbat, a Book on Kashrut, Tzeniyut – Modesty, and a Pamphlet for Berachot;

* Special Videos – we are working to produce a video tape on Kashrut and Tefillin.

* Internet Web Site WWW.SHAARHAEMET.COM & WWW.RAVDANIEL.US full of Torah and other needed information: weekly Parasha, Minyan listings, STA”M, and much more.

* Over 100,000 Torah audio tapes and CD’s in Russian were distributed for free, in New York, Israel, Austria throughout the world.

* Over 10, 000 video tapes and DVD’s were distributed for free.

* 10,000 of Kiddush and Birkat Hamazon Pamphlets in three languages: Russian, Hebrew and a Hebrew Transliteration to help those who do not know how to read Hebrew.

* 20,000 Pamphlets of Kadish and laws concerning Kadish in four languages: Russian, Bukharian, Hebrew and Hebrew Transliteration

* 1,500 books of SHABBAT KODESH, laws of Shabbat in Russian were spread out.

Our success is depending on the generous support of people like you, who have dedicated their time and money to help our cause. We respectfully ask you to DONATE a contribution according to your means to enable us to continue in the pursuit of our goals. May the merit of this Mitzvah bring us closer to the coming of Mashiach speedily in our days, Amen!

With Blessings to you and to all the Jewish people!

If you have any suggestions, proposals or would like to donate please feel free to contact us:

Rabbi Daniel Cohen:

(718) 310-0147

Organization Shaar Haemet (mailing address):

99-37 65th Ave. Rego Park, NY 11374

Tying Method

MethodString RatioURL
Ben Ish Hai, TallitRambamLink
Ben Ish Hai, TallitRaavadLink



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