Rabbi Bentzion Halberstam

Rabbi Bentzion Halberstam discusses Halachic matters with Techeiles and how the Chilazon means a snail.

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    Smaller Clips

    Issues with the Radzyner Rebbes Findings

    How We Know Chilazon Means a Snail

    Techeiles is a Chiyuv Gamur

    Techeiles Objection – Mesora

    Techeiles Objection – Tzeida

    Techeiles Objection – What the AR”I Really Wrote About Techeiles


    Even Smaller Clips

    Techeiles Objection – What the AR”I Really Wrote About Techeiles – Shorter



    Purpura versus Purpuros

    Limtza Linguistics in Old French

    Chadash Assur Min HaTorah and Bal Tashchis with Techeiles

    Murex is Vadai and Safek Mideoraisa LeChumra

    Techeiles Not Being Simply a Mitzva Min HaMuvchar

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