Techeiles Contest #1

Happy Chanuka! We are living in a strange time, with the war in Israel against Hamas in Gaza unfortunately still happening. Blue Fringes is doing a contest which combines these elements. Qualifying involves 3 easy steps:

  1. Follow and join the following social media sites:
  2. Like, comment on, and share the post concerning this giveaway.
  3. Invite/Tag a friend to this contest page to participate. Each friend you tag is another entry into the giveaway, so tag away because you need to be in it to win it!!!

Each channel participation gives you one entry. Each friend tag is one entry. The more channels are met with the above criteria, the more entries you get!

Contest deadline: Sunday, December 11, 2023, 12 AM EST.

***UPDATE: due to a number of people not using social media, if you sign up to the discussion forum, that would count as an entry. Also, please fill out the signup form on the right of the page, and where possible, include the person that referred you, so that we can count those as entries as well. ***


1st Prize: Up to $200 USD off on your next order of Techeiles strings, beged, and tying.

2nd Prize: $50 USD off on Techeiles books and Seforim as listed here:

3rd Prize (up to 5):

  • One plastic IDF “dog tag” necklace
  • One murex trunculus shell
  • One copy of the children’s book “Abba Gave me Blue”
  • One copy of the English Sefer Levush HaAron.

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