R’ Eliyahu Ohayon / Uziel Family Casablanca

R’ Eliyahu Ohayon / Uziel Family Casablanca 960 950 rhecht

The tying method is based on the Halacha of start with white and with white 13 Chulyos. The concept of the Keshira is 3 against 3 and one in the middle.

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R’ Yaakov Nagen of Otniel Tying

R’ Yaakov Nagen of Otniel Tying 720 960 rhecht

This is sort of a reverse Amram Gaon, where the first and last Chulyos are Techeiles, with one wind white before and after. Bottom-line, his understanding is that the 7 Chulyos representing the 7 heavens should be the color blue, which is the color of the sky. That’s why he reverses the tying order.

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Tosafos R’ Hershel Schachter

Tosafos R’ Hershel Schachter 250 716 rhecht

The thought behind this opinion is as follows: 7 winds of 7 chulyos is based on that the Gemara in Menachos (Perek Hatecheiles) states “no less than 7, no more than 13.” Almost every commentary assumes that those numbers refer to 3-wind chulyos. However, the Gemara isn’t explicit in what exactly the numbers 7 or…

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Tosafos R’ Yehoshua Yankelewitz

Tosafos R’ Yehoshua Yankelewitz 470 491 rhecht

Tying method of Yehoshua Yankelewitz.

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Vilna Gaon (GR”A) Method

Vilna Gaon (GR”A) Method 227 837 rhecht

From Ptil Tekhelet: This method defines a chulyah as a group of three twists. It has 13 chulyot, and alternates white and Tekhelet between them, starting and ending with a chulyah of white. Those chulyot are distributed between five (double) knots with four chulyot between the top four knots and one white chulyah between the…

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