Tosafos R’ Bentzion Halberstam

Tosafos R’ Bentzion Halberstam 960 540 rhecht

Rabbi Bentzion Halberstam tying method. He explains the breakup in every units of 3, done Chassidishe style with Chassidishe Chulyos. Regarding the breakup in Chulyos between knots, he cites the AR”I in Shaar Hakavanos where he permits breaking up the Chulyos for the 7-8-11-13 pattern. This is done blue-white.

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Ben Ish Hai Tying

Ben Ish Hai Tying 228 1352 rhecht

This tying method has traditionally been worn by Jews of Iraqi descent following the Psak and Kabbala of the Ben Ish Hai. He understands the Rambam’s separating of Chulyos by looping the Shamash in between both halves of four strings, at the same time doing 7-8-11-13 as per the AR”I’s requirement. Per Ptil’s website: The…

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Radzyn / Chabad (Ariza”l) Method

Radzyn / Chabad (Ariza”l) Method 235 840 rhecht

From Ptil Tekhelet: This method assumes (like the Rambam) that all the twists except for the first and last be Tekhelet. It keeps five (double) knots, and distributes 7, 8, 11, and 13 twists between them. The Tekhelet string is wrapped through and over each group of three (a chulyah) in order to keep them…

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R’ Shalom Arush (Breslov) Tying Method

R’ Shalom Arush (Breslov) Tying Method 1529 2048 rhecht

This tying method is an interesting combination of 7-8-11-13, divided by both knots and Rambam-style Yemenite chulyot. Rather than the first and last winds only being techeiles, the first and last chulyot are winds, and white is used in the event a chulya ends and begins at one of the 5 knots. The final result…

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