Rabbi Moshe David Tendler ZT”L

Rabbi Moshe David Tendler ZT”L 1312 2000 rhecht

R’ Moshe David Tendler is the son-in-law of R’ Moshe Feinstein ZT”L, professor of biology/rosh yeshiva at YU, and medical expert. He is someone who goes “against the grain” in medical opinion (such as using a tube for Metzitzah b’Peh), and is one Rabbi who has visited the Temple Mount multiple times in the past.…

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Rabbi Hershel Schachter

Rabbi Hershel Schachter 1312 2000 rhecht

Rabbi Hershel Schachter is Rosh Hayeshiva of YU, one of the poskim of the Orthodox Union regarding Kashrus, and a former talmid of R’ Joseph Ber Soloveitchik (The Rav). He pre-ordered a set for as soon Ptil Tekhelet was in production. R’ Schachter has tweaked his tzitzis numerous times. At the time of this post,…

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Rabbi Berel Wein

Rabbi Berel Wein 936 524 rhecht

R’ Wein wears it Rambam 13 style.

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Rabbi Bentzion Twerski

Rabbi Bentzion Twerski 500 720 rhecht

Rabbi Benzion Twerski represents the third generation of Rabbinic leadership at Congregation Beth Jehudah.  He strives to take classic Chassidic texts and teach them in a manner that makes them relevant to all who strive to connect with their teachings.  Rabbi Twerski’s sensitivity and probing intellect has allowed him to develop close relationships with his…

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Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski ZT”L

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski ZT”L 2560 1707 rhecht

R’ Twerski tied like Ptil Tekhelet’s Chinuch method. He was an early adopter and a big advocate of Techeiles.

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Rabbi Elyah Ber Wachtfogel

Rabbi Elyah Ber Wachtfogel 424 420 rhecht

Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel, is rosh yeshiva of the Yeshiva of South Fallsburg. His tallis in Yeshiva is regular.  

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Rabbi Shlomo Dichovsky

Rabbi Shlomo Dichovsky 413 442 rhecht

A Dayan. From his Wikipedia page: “הרב שלמה דיכובסקי (נולד ב-15 בדצמבר 1938) הוא רב ודיין ישראלי חרדי, חבר בית הדין הרבני הגדול עד לפרישתו, שלאחריה שימש כמנהל בתי הדין. נחשב לליברלי באופן יחסי, ובקיא בתחומים כלליים – בעיקר במשפטים.” From Forward: “Greenspan said that Rav Shlomo Dichovsky of the Beit Din Hagadol, Jerusalem’s Chief Rabbinate, also dons the dyed fringes.”

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Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg ZT”L

Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg ZT”L 366 486 rhecht

R’ Zalman Nechemia Goldberg ZT”L, son-in-law of R’ Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, was a rabbi, posek, and Rosh Yeshiva in Israel. He was also Chief Justice of the Rabbinical High Court in Jerusalem and wore Tekhelet. In addition, R’ Goldberg wrote a beautiful Haskama on R’ Mois Navon’s book “Threads of Reason.” From “Harav Zalman Nechemia…

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Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Belsky ZT”L

Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Belsky ZT”L 2560 1437 rhecht

R’ Belsky ZT”L had a complicated relationship with Tekhelet. Ironically, while both he and R’ Schachter wore Techeiles, while working together for the OU, neither one influenced the other (R’ Hershel Schachter told me that if anything, if he told R’ Belsky one thing he would davka do the opposite – RH). R’ Eliyahu Tavger…

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