Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Englard

Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Englard 384 512 rhecht

One of the Radziner Rebbes and currently backing Radziner Techeiles.

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Rabbi Aron Lankry

Rabbi Aron Lankry 720 960 rhecht

From the Scheiner’s Shul website: “Rabbi Aron Lankry is a dynamic & electric individual with many years of international experience in the Rabbinate & in teaching Jewish Studies. He began his career in 1989, studying in Kollel Ner Yitzchok in Jerusalem & then in 1991 at the young age of 23,he took the position of…

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Rabbi Yochanan Sofer ZT”L

Rabbi Yochanan Sofer ZT”L 264 253 rhecht

From Wikipedia: “Yochanan Sofer (January 1, 1923 – February 22, 2016) was the Rebbe of the Erlau dynasty, which though not the largest in the number of its adherents is still a significant movement within Haredi Judaism. He was born in Eger (German: Erlau), Hungary, where his father and grandfather served as Grand Rabbis. After…

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Rabbi Aharon Steinmetz

Rabbi Aharon Steinmetz 658 1080 rhecht

R’ Steinmetz of the Dzikov Kollel gave a shiur at three different kollelim in Boro Park back in July 2018. He now lives in Monsey and is also an excellent back-end mobile app developer. He’s also on our tying bureau.

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Rabbi Yechezkel Toporovitz

Rabbi Yechezkel Toporovitz 387 387 rhecht

הרב יחזקאל טופורוביץ

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Rabbi Yitzchok Elchonon Zak

Rabbi Yitzchok Elchonon Zak 684 684 rhecht

A member of the Techeiles Chabura.

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Rabbi Yisroel Rosenberg

Rabbi Yisroel Rosenberg 478 478 rhecht

One member of the Techeiles Chabura, Chavrusa of R’ Yisroel Barkin and selling Techeiles online from Lakewood.

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Rabbi Yisroel Barkin

Rabbi Yisroel Barkin 546 546 rhecht

Avrech, Kollel Zichron Gershon L’Dayanus, Lakewood and nephew of R’ Yisroel Belsky ZT”L.

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Rabbi Yitzchok Englard

Rabbi Yitzchok Englard 561 561 rhecht

One of the Radziner Rebbes and the one currently making Radziner Techeiles.

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Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer

Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer 587 935 rhecht

Only on his Tallis Kattan.

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