Dati Leumi

Rabbi Tovia Singer

Rabbi Tovia Singer 1536 2048 rhecht

From the photo, he appears to wear the Raavad strings with the GR”A’s tying method.

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Rabbi Berel Wein

Rabbi Berel Wein 936 524 rhecht

R’ Wein wears it Rambam 13 style.

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Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin 724 483 rhecht

From StackExchange user Marc: “I saw it with my own eyes, and when someone asked about them, his exact comment was: You have an opportunity for a mitzvah d’orayta – how can you not wear them ? Later he mentioned that they were from P’til Techelet.” He wears Raavad strings.

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Rabbi Chaim Richman

Rabbi Chaim Richman 800 533 rhecht

Rabbi Richman served as the international director for the Temple Institute from 1989-2020. He now runs an organization called Jerusalem Lights.

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Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel ZT”L

Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel ZT”L 340 261 rhecht

Rav Moshe Tzuriel was the mashgiach at Yeshivat Shala’avim.

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Rabbi Mordechai Machlis

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis 350 380 rhecht

I personally saw him in Shul on Shabbos. He wears Rambam strings 7-8-11-13. Doesn’t feel there’s anything wrong with Radzyn or Murex Tzitzis since the color reminder is what’s important. – Rafi Hecht From Yeshivat Lev HaTorah: “Rav Machlis received Semicha from Yeshivat Torah v’Daat and has been teaching for 25 years. He powerfully personifies chesed, dedicating his life…

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Rabbi David bar Hayim (Mandel)

Rabbi David bar Hayim (Mandel) 480 360 rhecht

Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon

Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon 300 300 rhecht

From mizrachi.org: Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon is an internationally acclaimed “posek” of Halacha, author, educator, and lecturer. Individuals and communities from around the globe turn to him regarding complex questions in Halacha, the responses of which have been pivotal in helping shape the contemporary Jewish world. Through his book series, Halacha MiMekora, Rav Rimon has become known…

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