Rabbi Amram Opman

Rabbi Amram Opman 200 263 rhecht

Of the Yerushalayim Eideh Chareidis. Harav Amram Offman Shlita is a מו”ץ (מורה צֶדֶק) for the בד”ץ עדה החרדית of Yerushalayim. He has been encouraging the advancement of מצות תכלת for many years.

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Rabbi Eliezer “Leizer” Geldzahler ZT”L

Rabbi Eliezer “Leizer” Geldzahler ZT”L 1242 1211 rhecht

R’ Geldzahler ZT”L was a son-in-law of Rebbetzin Faige Twerski of Milwaukee, WI, who’s husband is R’ Michel Twerski.  He also was the founder of Ohr Yisroel institutions in the US. R’ Geldzahler unfortunately passed away in a coma, which started from a tragic bus accident in Israel. He was 46 years old. A book on…

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Hakham Eliyahu Ben-Haim

Hakham Eliyahu Ben-Haim 852 1036 rhecht

Hacham ben Haim is Rosh Yeshivah at RIETS and student of HaRav Ben Zion Abba Shaul. He also acts as Av Bet Din of Queens. It appears he ties like the Ben Ish Hai similar to R’ Mazuz.

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Rabbi Mordechai/Mottel Katz

Rabbi Mordechai/Mottel Katz 2208 1242 rhecht

R’ Mordechai/Mottel Katz serves as Rav of Khal Avereichai Torah V’Daas in Brooklyn, NY.

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Rabbi Shlomoh Taitelbaum

Rabbi Shlomoh Taitelbaum 184 245 rhecht

Shlomoh Taitelbaum is actually one of the unofficial founders of Ptil Tekhelet. He studied in Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore and Yeshivas Toras Moshe in Jerusalem. He spent the better part of three years researching the halachic acceptability of identifying and re-instituting the mitzvah of tekhelet – culminating in his work “Lulaot Tekhelet” which…

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Rabbi Yehoshua Yankelewitz

Rabbi Yehoshua Yankelewitz 1008 1242 rhecht

Young and bright, R’ Yankelowitz was mentioned by R’ Bentzion Twerski as the one who convinced him of the murex’ authenticity. He also tied Tzitzis for Rabbis Yisroel Belsky ZT”L, Zalman Nechemia Goldberg ZT”L, as well as Ben Shapiro.

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Rabbi Shabtai Rappaport

Rabbi Shabtai Rappaport 2048 1365 rhecht

R’ Rappaport was one of the people that started the whole process going. Without him it’s hard to say if the rest would be wearing Techeiles today.

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Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg ZT”L

Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg ZT”L 337 500 rhecht

Evidently R’ Scheinberg ZT”L wanted to hedge his bets. With 100 pairs of Tzitzis being white at least one could have Tekhelet. He wore at least one set of murex Techeiles (evidenced by the photo) and was advised that he wore one pair of Radzyn Techeiles. R’ Yisroel Rosenberg told me how he heard that…

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Rabbi Chaim Twerski

Rabbi Chaim Twerski 800 1200 rhecht

Rabbi Bentzion Twerski

Rabbi Bentzion Twerski 500 720 rhecht

Rabbi Benzion Twerski represents the third generation of Rabbinic leadership at Congregation Beth Jehudah.  He strives to take classic Chassidic texts and teach them in a manner that makes them relevant to all who strive to connect with their teachings.  Rabbi Twerski’s sensitivity and probing intellect has allowed him to develop close relationships with his…

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