Otzar Sichot Tzadikim – Beged Ivri

Otzar Sichot Tzadikim – Beged Ivri

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Translated from Otzar Sichot Tzadikim (Treasury of Discussions of the Righteous)

The sage Rav Gershon Henoch, may the memory of the righteous be a blessing, from Radzin, met with the sage Yisrael Yehoshua, the head of the Rabbinical court of Koutnow, and discussed with him regarding the Techelet he had rediscovered, and desired that he would agree with him to wear his Techelet. The Rav of Koutnow did not want to agree with the Ba’al HaTechelet Rav Gershon Henoch quoting him a well known piece from the Talmud which says “Go out and see what the world is doing.” He continued, “The whole world is not wearing Techelet, why must we invent new things that our forefathers have not imagined?” After they concluded their discussion they went outside and Rebbe Rav Gershon Henoch called over a person who was passing by in the marketplace carrying a bundle. Rav Gershon said to him, “Tell me; what was the difference of opinion between Rav Meir and Rav Yehudah regarding Chametz (leavened bread) and in what regard did they agree with each other?” The man stood there dumbfounded unable to open his mouth. Rebbe Rav Gershon Henoch said to the holy Rav of Koutnow; “In the tractate of Pesachim on page four, on the second side, our sages of blessed memory said that according to the whole world we agree that Chametz is forbidden from the sixth hour of the day.” He continued; “And where is the whole world? You will find that the majority of the world to be like this shlepper of bundles who has no idea what the sages of the Talmud are saying. But the whole world is me and you and those like us, the sages and the students of the Torah. They are the world at large (the world that is the real world) and how can his honor say ‘Look at the world and see what they are doing!’ Who is the world if not your honor the venerable sage and the rest of the students of the Torah in the generation?”

Translated by R. David Herzberg

Put simply, Rabbi Gershon Henoch was saying; We have the obligation to care because we understand the depth of the issue, and just because the masses are not doing it, that does not excuse our not doing it. [Editor]

When Rebbe Yitzchak Meir Korman arrived there for the first time and prayed with his Tallith with Techelet, as was his custom, this aroused displeasure amongst the older Chassidim and joy amongst the younger Chassidim. Among them was Rebbe Moshe Yosef from Poland, who took him to the house of one of his aquaintances and showed him a holy book called Machane Dan, printed on grey green paper that was almost torn to shreds. From this book Reb Yitzchak copied word for the section about Techelet (page 275) as is brought down here:

This is what he copied from the book Machane Dan.

The Ari Z”l wrote that after the destruction of the Holy Temple we have no Techelet, because after the destruction it was hidden. The light of Chochma (wisdom) does not illuminate the Malchut (Kingship) and all we have is the white strings which come from the world of Binah (understanding) but we do not have the Techelet which comes fom Chochma. And the situation will continue until the year 5600 (1840 CE) of the sixth millenium, for in the year 5600 (1840) the light of Chochma will begin to illuminate and shine down upon the Malchut for Bat Sheva will begin to be lifted up and elevated (which is the secret of the seventh millenium) as is written in the Holy Zohar in the section of Vayira. In the six hundredth year of the sixth millenium (1840) the gates of Chochma above will be opened up and will flow down to the Chochma below etc. “And then two things will be needed; 1) to rectify and adorn the Malchut with many rectifications and adornments which apply to it, for it is forbidden to appear before the king dressed in sackcloth. 2) To return the light of Chochma unto it. And then the one will be lifted from its source and with the strength of the Torah, for the Torah comes from the place of celestial Chochma and then the existence of Techelet and its laws will be clarified and crystallized from all its impurities (misinterpretations) and also thus shall rectify many aspects that relate to Bat Sheva. And one of the things that shall be rectified is that the Sabbatical year shall be observed which is the secret of “And the Land shall rest.” And with this new strength the observance of the Commandment of Techelet will be actualized as it is written “He who plants the fig tree shall eat of its fruit, etc.” … There will arise a wise one from Bat Sheva and will return the Crown of Techelet to its original Glory. And certainly the great ones of is generation will not agree to it very fast. And this is alluded to in the passage; “And do not go astray after your hearts and eyes.” This passage hints to us that we should not listen to these non-believers of the new Techelet, “In order that we may remember and do ALL the Commandments of G-d.” As the sages of blessed memory say; “How does Techelet differ from all other colors, etc.” Through this we shall speedily merit to draw down the light of Chochma unto the Malchut. Because now due to our numerous transgressions all we have is th elight of Binah (understanding) “And be holy unto G-d”, for the secret of ‘holy’ is both Chochma and Binah and Elokim is Malchut. And may G-d forgive me that I have revealed all this.”

Until here, the holy words the Ari Z”l.

These words were copied by Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Korman without punctuation as are found in the above mentioned book. After I heard these words from Reb Yitzchak Meir Korman and I received a copy of it I turned to the government library of Kiev and Leningrad to see if the book Mahane Dan can be found by them and I received no answer.

Translated by R. David Herzberg

Source: http://www.begedivri.com/techelet/radzin.htm#otzar


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